Reda- Ruta MM

The fashion photography-Dodho

Anastasia - Ruta MM

Agne - Modilinos MM

Love for dinner -Dodho 

Merilin - Ruta MM

Beautiful woman

Nadia and her fifty shades of grey

          -Dedicated to my muse-

Devils bride

London girl

Jogile - Modilinos MM 

Alice -Volition

Black bird-Volition

In The ELEMENTS-Volition


Minnie holidays - Fashion Push

English spring - Dodho

Neon Blue - Volition 

Leaking blue-Volition

The fashion photography

The fashion photography is not only about nice clothes, fashion magazines and advertising. It is not ‘a portrait of someone wearing a dress’, as David Bailey described. For me it is all about the feelings. In the photography as in real life- everywhere we need deep emotions, we desire big love, to be able to create something miraculous.

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